September 2017 (2)

Safety Top Dog Award Program:

Becoming a driver for Terminal Transport, Inc. can qualify you to be entered into a drawing where you may win $10,000.00!!!

TLC , through Terminal Transport, Inc. offers you an opportunity to win a $20.00 safety bonus for successfully completing 1 Safety quiz per quarter with a passing score of 70%, or $80.00 per year over and above the Terminal Transport, Inc. safety and bonus program! Those drivers who successfully complete all 3 quizzes in a Quarter, still actively employed will be entered for a chance to win an additional $250.00 quarterly safety bonus. Finally, remaining actively employed and in good standing with Terminal Transport, Inc. you will qualify for the Safety Top Dog grand prize of $10,000.00 awarded in May and announced in June!!

This program is over and above the productivity and efficiency bonuses that Terminal Transport currently offers. What are you waiting for, apply today!!!

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